Thursday, March 26, 2009

so how many times must one visit disneyland?

i looked like Mickey's long-lost sister with the cheeky face, black coat, and red tights! Disneyland HK is soo small, yet i want to come back over and over again! :)

the weather was weird in Hongkong when i arrived - it was COLD! my friends informed me to bring scarves/wintery stuffs on the last minute (when its supposed to be Spring), and i didn't had time to prepare for my outfits since i just arrived from Caramoan Islands, hours before the flight! i guess God's telling me NOT to travel on December anymore, since i said to myself that i want to 'dress up' for winter. funny thing is, my friends had been wearing thin clothing weeks before my arrival.... and it got WARMER again once i left for Macau.

maybe someone's really out there fulfilling my wish... (?)

(coat: zara. top: zara. shorts: bazaar. tights: h&m. boots: zara. sunnies: h&m. bag: LV damier nf)

1 comment:

Winnie said...

I haven't been to Disney yet, I heard it's not all fully open yet? Looks like you had fun though!

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