Friday, April 17, 2009

something very random

i've been wanting that LV vernis bag the girl was wearing,

but my friend bought a Prada,
and i think i'm vindicated.

mac hello kitty...
black kitties me loves - i hate pink
something to add in my undying makeup collection...


Winnie said...

Mac for hello kitty was such a fun collection! That bag is awesome and intrigued to what your friend's bag is like!

Mode Junkie said...

we'll be in hk on sept.2 and yes i've booked a hotel. yay! the butterfly on prat in tsim tsa tsui. excited! spill all the secret shopping spots asap!

missed you girl!

AnnA said...

was that in langham? i was there too when they launched the mac kitty. there were even topless guys who were wearing kitty masks...quite disturbing but fascinating at the same time. :)

Eden said...

just discovered your blog and i am seriously enjoying it. really good to see another filipina chick and her fashion adventures... and yeah, can't go wrong with an LV vernis as well!

much love


Trendy Gourmandise said...


Vivian said...

i also loved the Hello Kitty Mac collection, i'm a huge fan of the kitty!!!

Amanda said...

Kiss!! Kiss!!

PAM said...

WINNIE: i'll try to get a picture of the bag :) its the latest nylon SS09 collection :)

MODEJUNKIE: sure thing! :) aah sept. is fall season :)

ANNA: haha yeah i saw those topless guys!

EDEN: same here my friend :)


VIVIAN: black kitties better haha!

AMANDA: :):)

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