Wednesday, June 24, 2009


diy shirt
  • just finished with the fashion courses (basic fashion design & basic pattern making) i took this summer TODAY :)
  • i'm gonna miss my fashion class... the people there are great! not to mention our dear designer-instructors John & Paul Herrera!
  • being surrounded with uber-artistic people can be both inspiring and frustrating! sometimes i wish i had their "gift" too :)
  • BUT i've already decided to pursue Basic Interior Design and i'm gonna start monday! so... it's gonna be a very very busy year for me!
mood board: peter pan movie. i wasn't able to finish (rendering) the whole collection, but my idea was combining raw and modern materials, soft textures, feminine colors, etc.

(yeah... i know my sketch's not the prettiest in the block, but i'm glad i'm DONE with stick figures! ~haha. must. practice. more... cos i suck in details!)
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