Sunday, February 28, 2010

spring cleaning!

man... i wonder how long it would take me to spring-clean my closet, if we had four seasons like most of u had! ugghh. headache!

and imagine me wearing these... *creepy* if we have to keep everything in our closet! bah!

bet i'll have a boyfriend in no time!... meet-the-mother look should i say??? LOL.

btw, i'll be in korea during autumn so i have like a couple of months to save! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

study and SAVE

every year, i go travel (at my own expense) with friends... and this year i promised to go somewhere i've never been to (local, and abroad) so i've booked for:

1. Coron, Palawan

2. Seoul, Korea

i'm pretty excited! :) but i need to save up!

anyway, i attended the first (of the many) wedding/s this year, last night, and wore this yellow dress i bought 2008. its funny how i have tons of un-worn clothes sitting in my closet for 1-3 yrs already... so yeah, i think i can survive without shopping too much for a while :)

yerrow power

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


school is freaking stressful this week! i did this midterm project in one night, and slept at 5am this morning! ugh. i really hate cramming... the reason i did was cos i redid everything! i didn't know we need to stick to traditional furniture, blah blah blah *nerd stare*

neoclassical with french provincial twist

i feel crappy... i only had 2 hrs sleep. booo.

that and uhhh... i'm starting to bring back COLORS in my wardrobe! :)

don't u just hate cropped pictures? i know i do! lol. but yeah, i never thought i wud be back (at some sorts) blogging again... cos facebook and school's killing my time! hahaha

and how i wish this bedroom waits for me...

anyway, i'd just leave you with hot air balloons! :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

sagada roadtrip

now, this is where i was last weekend...

i pretty much had a major vacation hangover this week, its midterms, and i'm glued to editing my video/pics than my homeworks! lol.
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