Wednesday, February 17, 2010


school is freaking stressful this week! i did this midterm project in one night, and slept at 5am this morning! ugh. i really hate cramming... the reason i did was cos i redid everything! i didn't know we need to stick to traditional furniture, blah blah blah *nerd stare*

neoclassical with french provincial twist

i feel crappy... i only had 2 hrs sleep. booo.

that and uhhh... i'm starting to bring back COLORS in my wardrobe! :)

don't u just hate cropped pictures? i know i do! lol. but yeah, i never thought i wud be back (at some sorts) blogging again... cos facebook and school's killing my time! hahaha

and how i wish this bedroom waits for me...

anyway, i'd just leave you with hot air balloons! :)

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