Wednesday, June 9, 2010

work is a beyatch

i haven't been this busy since thesis days in uni (ugh... like 5yrs ago?)... so my body aches for weekly massages, food/ alcohol, and beach trips every NOW & THEN!

in 3 weeks time, i'm already finished with Basic Course in Interior Design, and i plan to finish it 'til i can finally nail my own project! nyahaha! but it'll take a loooot of discipline, hard work, and (social sacrifice!) blah.

photo: SATC's Candace Bushnell's home.

so... imma rock while i still can! :)


Fashion Therapist said...

Ahhh beach life. I'm in need of some R & R too. Looks like you're definitely getting some relaxation in.

Claire said...

Missed your outfit posts! You look korean in the last photo with the bunny ears :) love your wedge shoes and black boots, where did you get them from?

Jackie said...

nice blog!, you look tall. what's your height? :)

varima said...

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Pixie Dust said...

I really enjoy your blog, how sweet :))
I think you will like mine too, I'd be glad if you checked it out :))

Can't wait to hear from you hon!

Leather and Lace said...

looks like a blast!

Perth Lawyers said...

lovely trip. Jealous you so much..:p
like you outfit as well

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