Friday, December 30, 2011

Project Progress: the RestoBar

so i have been working on this project for quite some time now, and construction will start as soon as the holiday has finished :)

Reality is, you can squeeze your brain out every time you have to design for something but you also have to consider the (1) Budget (2) Market (3) Period of Lease (4) Maximum Capacity (5) Kitchen Space (6) Food/Drinks that will be served etc. etc. so restraining one's self should be observed.

Initially, we had to go Modern + Minimalist since the idea was to mix Asian + Western (Burgers +Milk Tea + Beer at night) so I had this in mind...

Moodboard: White Brick walls, Cement finish, Oak Wood, Tom Dixon inspired drop lights, and suspended bulbs...

And another option with the flooring and walls...
And here was the Layout...
I was already excited with the execution of the design, but after some thoughts the partners decided to skip with the "Milk Tea" and go straight with "Burgers + Bar + Beer". So I have to revise everything again (STRESS- was already done with the elevations, rcp, and shop drawings, but ohwell :)

and this is what we have agreed upon to :)
Some items were retained, but the furniture went from Modern to Masculine. Also the ambiance got a little rustic and old-feel. While the suspended light accents MUST stay :)
Then Option 2 without the divider between the bar and booth seat :)
I'm already excited (and scared) at the same time with the outcome of this project :) We would be expecting that the Opening would be before Valentine's Day :) But after meeting with the contractors and clients again, we have to expect some changes... cost-wise. But anyway, I hope its nothing major, and I hope it would still look great with the revisions of materials and some layouts they were suggesting. But as always, whatever the client says, stays. And our role as designers is to help clients get what they want, not ours (unless given the opportunity, why not :)

but for now, i have to enjoy the Holiday and will keep you posted :)

Happy New Year Everyone :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pets: Saki

last week, our puppy was confined with Parvo :(
it was heartbreaking, knowing that 50/50 of puppies survive from the virus.

 (first day at home) 

i wasn't able to work for days... and i'm not even a dog person, but seeing this helpless creature from hyper to motionless led me to crying :(
so with tears in my eyes, i asked my dad to bring him (at 1am) to a pet hospital.

good thing there's Vets in Practice in Mandaluyong, which my cousin recommended, since all their pets go to the same place.
I just called the clinic earlier, and visited him after being confined for 5 days, he has recovered! :)
and i can bring him home tomorrow!
(here he is after days of being confined - now needle free! :)

i'm just thankful for God for helping this poor pup live a more meaningful, longer life :)
and again, i'm so thankful for all the doctors and nurses at Vets in Practice :)

now i can't help but look around for nice beds to design for him,
just in case im no longer busy :)
Voyage Pet Bed, outdoor By Kenneth Cobonpue contemporary pet accessories 
contemporary pet accessories design by Unicahome

Kenneth Cobonpue inspired bed... why not :) 

 Brian Patrick Flynn

DIY luggage bed :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Graduation. PSID. InteriorDesign

so Graduation officially marked my end with school-ing (again) lol, because this (Interior Design) is actually my 2nd course after college :) which took me two and half years of *&^#^%$#^%$^%t! stress challenge! but its alright, nothing's easy. and i'm soo happy i'm finally done and over with it for now *cheers*
and sure, i do enjoy taking this course (sometimes), but i didn't expect that i would be receiving Honors too. it was really a good surprise :)
Our booth bagged First Place, Alumni's Choice and Third Place, Faculty & Overall Best Booth Design.

i feel so blessed :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dusit Thani's Family Tree

Dusit Thani Manila's Christmas Family Tree
What for you is Christmas?

It may be the gifts wrapped in fancy papers and ribbons or children’s carols. For some, it is the meal shared on Christmas Eve no matter how simple or festive it may be.

Here at Dusit Thani Manila, we believe that it is the spirit of giving. And we think that the best of all gifts around any Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each others’ arms.

And so, this year, Dusit Thani Manila gathers families from different walks of life and invites them to enthuse others by sharing values and traditions their families have been accustomed to. More so, provide an avenue where children of the next generation will be inspired to be a channel of blessings to mankind.

Through this project dubbed as Family Tree, join us as we endeavor to give this season a new and deeper meaning.

The hotel also invites all in-house and dining guests as well as Facebook fans to cast their votes for "liking" the best Christmas Tree, where cash prizes will be donated to the top three winning entries’ chosen charity. Voting is from November 15 to December 25, 2011. 

 so please, vote for the Llamas Tree:
(which me and my former classmate - yes, we're graduates now! - had been cooking/designing for the past few weeks now :)
with Aivan Magno and the Llamas' :)
The Christmas tree write-up
Me and Aivan posing in front of the Yao's Christmas Tree. One of my favorites so far :)
me and my makeup-artist friend, Elaine Ching posing in front of the Villar's Tree.

and since i'm a lazy blogger, you could read more about the event at Aivan's blog (and yes, i stole some of his pictures too :), here:

busy november.

its pretty awkward how my posts had become photobooth-consistent considering i do bring my cam when im out, (but im way too lazy to do some effort lol). it might be a sign of aging growing up, but for more than a year now since i started stressing myself out (i do that!), i just drop by to... i don't know, post random stuff - as always - since i abandoned my first blog (2004). so aside from being a personal diary, i use this to get myself tired - hoping i could hit the sack at any moment after posting (been a 5am-6am sleeper for weeks now). blah. anyway... if i'm NOT here, (1) i'm posting in my other blog (, (2) sleeping (3) working til daytime (4) bitching (5) skype-ing (6) tweeting (7) and the sorts :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

two weddings in one night

as much as i want to celebrate two of friend's wedding, i have to skip half of both in able to attend both weddings at the same night! from Edsa Shang to New World Hotel in Makati... this night was truly inspiring <3
we never discussed what to wear, but three of us ended up wearing nude dress + black shoes! cute :)
at Edsa Shang with my high school friends :)
@ New World Hotel with another set of high school friends :) 

can i just say, i'm haggardo versoza lang... x.x

oh i almost forgot, its the Halloween Weekend! :)  
Have a good one guys!
(and yeah, i'm kinda not attending any parties this year... work much)

Friday, October 28, 2011

on deadlines and stuff

so my life has never really changed after three weeks of completing our design exhibit...
which means i'm still staying up late til morning, and starting my day in the afternoons... x.x (which also means, more photobooth-whoring for now LOL)
all these time, i thought i would be basking under the sun at this very moment/ or spending the holiday with my favorite niece, Bunny! but as it turned out, more work has been piled on my table :/
but if everything goes well, this (above) is going to be my first actual-paid project *crossing fingers sooo tightly* and during these past few days, all i've been doing was layout-ing its floor plan, mood board, perspective, etc. and the time allotted to complete everything is completely unbelievable! this... and other minor projects i've been also cooking right now, which i would be posting soon :)

sometimes i get sooo overwhelmed i wish i could just go out and completely waste my day! *evil thoughts*
anyway, thank God i found you! 
my new solemate :)
you bring me UP five and half inches higher each day :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

its just me and the photobooth

if you knew me personally, you'd often hear me complaining about my back, how i badly need a hot-stone massage/manicure-pedicure and a salon fix, a Vacation, a LIFE, how my best friends are now medicines (called: berrocca, melatonin, benadryl, and advil), etc. etc. and though i often (also) say that i'm not complaining being Busy, now when i think about it, i kinda am! LOL. i guess i just missed the days when i'm just bumming around, receiving my daily allowance, always out/hanging out (even on weekdays), or if i'm working for some company, i just dressed up and spend my income on shopping etc...  now, i haven't even watched a new movie! and i'm often confused when people say this (insert movie title) is good, whatsoever. BLAH.

i guess its just part of growing up and literally prioritizing things... and these pictures kinda shows how i have been - often sleeping at 5am, and lacking sleep :) cos you'll seldom see me hanging out with people or out for some dinner/drinks/movie... hehe. MY LIFE NOW.

attending an event after a busy day...
2-hr sleep, slept late and have to be up early for a feature...
again, no sleep... and i have to attend brunch with friends.
i think i slept a little while here :)
off to source some inspiration.
working all-night... my day started at 5pm :/
for all the blessings! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

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