Thursday, March 10, 2011

evolution to shabby chic

though i'm currently on the verge of breaking down from cramming on my homework, i'm still ecstatic to post photos of my cousin's wedding because it is the theme (shabby chic) i'm currently working on my room :)

living room set for the couple

i got some of those pinwheels as a souvenir! :) they'd look great in my dresser! lol

pre-nup photo collages

during cocktails and before dinner, guests were entertained with personalized games... i haven't gotten a picture of everything, but you can check a few :)

all the questions are related to the bride and groom's personal, love story... cute huh!

the photo i'm using as a header of this blog,

...which explains a lot about me these days cos i'm currently obsessed with pastels, vintage, shabby chic, neo-classic, jonathan adler, kelly wearstler, eclectic interiors, printed fabrics, and velvet - evolving from my past, which is dark, gray monotones, neo-baroque, studs and leather.


Best Hair Straightening Products said...

You look stunning in these pictures. I love your dress! (or are you wearing a top and then a long cute skirt?) I love your overall outfit! Your hair is so pretty too! Oh good luck with your homework! :

Winnie said...

I have not visited you in the longest time! Hope you're ok and a big congratulations to graduating this year from your interior design course, that's crazy! It only seems like yesterday when you signed up for that class!

PAM said...

@Winnie: I know! I haven't been updated! Hope to be back when Im not that busy anymore... :) classes are killing me but I'm excited to finish at the same time! Hope to drop by urs too! Sometimes tumble and twitter are easier to manage :)

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i think i share all of your obsessions! haha

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