Wednesday, April 6, 2011

fashion and interior design

things i'm loving at right now :)

been ages since i had time browsing through fashion blogs/ lookbook...
i was too engrossed with Interiors for the past year,
and boy, do i miss it! :)

but Interior Design has also its own flair... and can get really really interesting!

just like Fashion and styling, you have to be really keen at the details.
the accessories we wear, what shoes/ bags goes well with what outfit.
how we play around textures, from leather, suede, cotton,  and fur... 
different pegs and eras, vintage vs. trends... etc.

but Interior Design, on the other hand, is more difficult.
you have to know the ergonomics of furniture, the function, weight, availability,
and effects of materials in diff. locations, how to arrange, how to restrain. 
like Fashion, we aim for Balance.
We stop putting or adding stuff when we feel like we had IT... 
the look and mood we're aiming for :)

currently, i'm loving Eclectic style in Interiors...
also the mixing of classic vs contemporary,
then shabby chic on my own space :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

what i want badly in my closet right now...

pastels, flowy and tiered dresses ... MORE OF IT! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

weekend :)

 cupcakes! red velvet cupcakes (inside) never fails to make me smile :)
my weekend was pretty neutral cos i was experiencing (facial) allergies! i'm still sad with the fact that i spent a huge amount from my dermatologist 2 weeks ago just to make my face worse :/ i should've just went shopping instead ...

it was also one of the reason why i was too lazy to dress up and put on some makeup... so i wasn't able to attend last friday's DealDozen event, instead me and some friends stayed overnight at a friend's house at Alabang, which turned out to be a good treat :) they just moved in early this year, i loved their neo-baroque interior (but was too shy to take pictures of their home cos i'd look so ghetto! haha) maybe next time we come over again :)
Elle Decor book by Margaret Russell. 
So happy to receive it from my friend (and Lady Gaga Viva Glam lipstick from MAC, which i thought was SOLD OUT, and Meiji Gummy Chocos) who arrived from Singapore today! sooo happy <3 thankyou so soo much!

some random post from my room. 
i had my old cabinet doors repainted and made into screen dividers :)

so actually, i just spent the weekend pigging out (at friend's home, Kanin Club at Alabang and Mamou at Serendra) and watching a cool, twisted movie, Mr. Brooks.
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