Sunday, April 3, 2011

weekend :)

 cupcakes! red velvet cupcakes (inside) never fails to make me smile :)
my weekend was pretty neutral cos i was experiencing (facial) allergies! i'm still sad with the fact that i spent a huge amount from my dermatologist 2 weeks ago just to make my face worse :/ i should've just went shopping instead ...

it was also one of the reason why i was too lazy to dress up and put on some makeup... so i wasn't able to attend last friday's DealDozen event, instead me and some friends stayed overnight at a friend's house at Alabang, which turned out to be a good treat :) they just moved in early this year, i loved their neo-baroque interior (but was too shy to take pictures of their home cos i'd look so ghetto! haha) maybe next time we come over again :)
Elle Decor book by Margaret Russell. 
So happy to receive it from my friend (and Lady Gaga Viva Glam lipstick from MAC, which i thought was SOLD OUT, and Meiji Gummy Chocos) who arrived from Singapore today! sooo happy <3 thankyou so soo much!

some random post from my room. 
i had my old cabinet doors repainted and made into screen dividers :)

so actually, i just spent the weekend pigging out (at friend's home, Kanin Club at Alabang and Mamou at Serendra) and watching a cool, twisted movie, Mr. Brooks.

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