Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You dont need to explain your dreams. They belong to you.

some randoms in my bedroom taken on a lazy afternoon :) 
im such a fan of jonathan adler & kelly wearstler.


1. graduation.

2. product line. 
catalogs, brochure & website

3. interior design projects 
& design firm

4. house renovation

5. photo shoot & 
styling projects

6. i want a new digital camera :)
so i could document all my works,

7. to finally travel after graduation.
for business & leisure.
i also miss korea badly:)

but for now,
im gonna sleep on my bed <3
night loves :)


Tea For Two said...

Photo shoots and styling projects? It's great to have creative ventures in the pipeline. I feel inspired.

PAM said...

yes dear :) want to get as many clients as possible to explore my creativity :)

Cerys! said...

your style is amazing but unique! hope you get discovered=)... btw your also v. pretty

Pamela Tan said...

thank you dear :) lol id rather be in the shadows for some reason ilove backstage :)

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