Sunday, October 30, 2011

two weddings in one night

as much as i want to celebrate two of friend's wedding, i have to skip half of both in able to attend both weddings at the same night! from Edsa Shang to New World Hotel in Makati... this night was truly inspiring <3
we never discussed what to wear, but three of us ended up wearing nude dress + black shoes! cute :)
at Edsa Shang with my high school friends :)
@ New World Hotel with another set of high school friends :) 

can i just say, i'm haggardo versoza lang... x.x

oh i almost forgot, its the Halloween Weekend! :)  
Have a good one guys!
(and yeah, i'm kinda not attending any parties this year... work much)

Friday, October 28, 2011

on deadlines and stuff

so my life has never really changed after three weeks of completing our design exhibit...
which means i'm still staying up late til morning, and starting my day in the afternoons... x.x (which also means, more photobooth-whoring for now LOL)
all these time, i thought i would be basking under the sun at this very moment/ or spending the holiday with my favorite niece, Bunny! but as it turned out, more work has been piled on my table :/
but if everything goes well, this (above) is going to be my first actual-paid project *crossing fingers sooo tightly* and during these past few days, all i've been doing was layout-ing its floor plan, mood board, perspective, etc. and the time allotted to complete everything is completely unbelievable! this... and other minor projects i've been also cooking right now, which i would be posting soon :)

sometimes i get sooo overwhelmed i wish i could just go out and completely waste my day! *evil thoughts*
anyway, thank God i found you! 
my new solemate :)
you bring me UP five and half inches higher each day :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

its just me and the photobooth

if you knew me personally, you'd often hear me complaining about my back, how i badly need a hot-stone massage/manicure-pedicure and a salon fix, a Vacation, a LIFE, how my best friends are now medicines (called: berrocca, melatonin, benadryl, and advil), etc. etc. and though i often (also) say that i'm not complaining being Busy, now when i think about it, i kinda am! LOL. i guess i just missed the days when i'm just bumming around, receiving my daily allowance, always out/hanging out (even on weekdays), or if i'm working for some company, i just dressed up and spend my income on shopping etc...  now, i haven't even watched a new movie! and i'm often confused when people say this (insert movie title) is good, whatsoever. BLAH.

i guess its just part of growing up and literally prioritizing things... and these pictures kinda shows how i have been - often sleeping at 5am, and lacking sleep :) cos you'll seldom see me hanging out with people or out for some dinner/drinks/movie... hehe. MY LIFE NOW.

attending an event after a busy day...
2-hr sleep, slept late and have to be up early for a feature...
again, no sleep... and i have to attend brunch with friends.
i think i slept a little while here :)
off to source some inspiration.
working all-night... my day started at 5pm :/
for all the blessings! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seoul Searching

this just shows how i'm starting to get my life back, cos i'm starting to post entries in all my three blogs! *beams* anyway, this travelogue is actually a year late IKR? it was one of those most-memorable and best-trips-i-ever had with friends! and i just looove this city! Seoul currently is my favorite city in Asia! that i could skip HongKong & Shanghai at a heartbeat! hehehe

anyway, enough blabbering, here's Seoul Searching Diary Part 1. we went there last Autumn, just few days before Halloween :) so the weather was perfect :)
morning sunshine! 
grabbed some coffee and breakfast near the Seoul City Tour Bus to start the day.
hello Cheska and Rey :)
good morning BJ
monopod's are a traveller's bestfriend!
trying to get the hang of reading captions in a museum.
 thank God for wifi! :)
playing with the natural light :)
a mandatory pose inside the modern museum
on the way to Namsan Tower
 as seen from Boys Over Flowers, padlocked lovers. i would want one for myself too!
sunset at Namsan Tower
Teddy Bear Museum
Teddyfied much
nice view of the cityyy :)  
tiled love letters... again, i want one! :)
while waiting for the bus...
 exhaustion at its best :)
goodnight :)

will be posting more :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

wearing kelly bedroom

with the amount of design choices one could think of, its hard to stick with just one (or two, or three) styles. with me, if it's not a clean/light/neutral palette, i get industrial/ eco glam/ eclectic.

and today, i'm feeling eclectic glam oozing with colors and textures! like one of Kelly Weartsler's bedroom designs here....
i really like the spunky colors and textures she used in this bedroom, not to mention, that white and pink rendition of the Ming chair. it's all pink and purple, but not too girly! i don't know how that chandelier lights up, but it definitely adds up and made the room really luxurious. so inspired, i created this outfit peg thinking, if i couldn't bring this home, maybe i could just wear it! :)
color blocking much :)
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