Saturday, October 1, 2011

Interior Design Exhibit

i remembered two and half years ago when i was still contemplating whether to pursue Interior Design as my post-grad major, and boy... do time flies! now, we're actually in the last part of the whole course - Exhibit - which happens before graduation. in a month's time, i would be receiving my certificate and can then start designing... homes & establishments :) *excited* i can't be more than thankful for my "real" friends who never stood me up/ stood by my side during the process, and motivated me the whole time - even during my bitchy, anti-social moments. and browsing through my last posts, looking through where i have been, what i had accomplished, i think it's all worth it. whew. i think i'm truly Blessed, and i can't thank God and my family more :)

anyway, here is the booth my group had created for our exhibit :)
 the theme of the Exhibit is Sustainability, and here we were assigned to create a Dining Room that is 60-70% made of Plastic! you read it right, Plastic! (you can read more details of it here).

then some of my random booth-hopping... :)
at the paper booth, during alumni night.
at the glass booth, during Press Day.

Press day without air-condition! could die in corporate attire!
wore this awesome dress from Ferdie Abuel during our Launching Night :)
with former batch mate, ushering for the night. 
 with my groupmates... good job guys! mwaaah


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