Friday, October 28, 2011

on deadlines and stuff

so my life has never really changed after three weeks of completing our design exhibit...
which means i'm still staying up late til morning, and starting my day in the afternoons... x.x (which also means, more photobooth-whoring for now LOL)
all these time, i thought i would be basking under the sun at this very moment/ or spending the holiday with my favorite niece, Bunny! but as it turned out, more work has been piled on my table :/
but if everything goes well, this (above) is going to be my first actual-paid project *crossing fingers sooo tightly* and during these past few days, all i've been doing was layout-ing its floor plan, mood board, perspective, etc. and the time allotted to complete everything is completely unbelievable! this... and other minor projects i've been also cooking right now, which i would be posting soon :)

sometimes i get sooo overwhelmed i wish i could just go out and completely waste my day! *evil thoughts*
anyway, thank God i found you! 
my new solemate :)
you bring me UP five and half inches higher each day :)

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