Monday, October 24, 2011

its just me and the photobooth

if you knew me personally, you'd often hear me complaining about my back, how i badly need a hot-stone massage/manicure-pedicure and a salon fix, a Vacation, a LIFE, how my best friends are now medicines (called: berrocca, melatonin, benadryl, and advil), etc. etc. and though i often (also) say that i'm not complaining being Busy, now when i think about it, i kinda am! LOL. i guess i just missed the days when i'm just bumming around, receiving my daily allowance, always out/hanging out (even on weekdays), or if i'm working for some company, i just dressed up and spend my income on shopping etc...  now, i haven't even watched a new movie! and i'm often confused when people say this (insert movie title) is good, whatsoever. BLAH.

i guess its just part of growing up and literally prioritizing things... and these pictures kinda shows how i have been - often sleeping at 5am, and lacking sleep :) cos you'll seldom see me hanging out with people or out for some dinner/drinks/movie... hehe. MY LIFE NOW.

attending an event after a busy day...
2-hr sleep, slept late and have to be up early for a feature...
again, no sleep... and i have to attend brunch with friends.
i think i slept a little while here :)
off to source some inspiration.
working all-night... my day started at 5pm :/
for all the blessings! 

1 comment:

aries said...

wag maxado abusuhin ang sarili bka

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