Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seoul Searching

this just shows how i'm starting to get my life back, cos i'm starting to post entries in all my three blogs! *beams* anyway, this travelogue is actually a year late IKR? it was one of those most-memorable and best-trips-i-ever had with friends! and i just looove this city! Seoul currently is my favorite city in Asia! that i could skip HongKong & Shanghai at a heartbeat! hehehe

anyway, enough blabbering, here's Seoul Searching Diary Part 1. we went there last Autumn, just few days before Halloween :) so the weather was perfect :)
morning sunshine! 
grabbed some coffee and breakfast near the Seoul City Tour Bus to start the day.
hello Cheska and Rey :)
good morning BJ
monopod's are a traveller's bestfriend!
trying to get the hang of reading captions in a museum.
 thank God for wifi! :)
playing with the natural light :)
a mandatory pose inside the modern museum
on the way to Namsan Tower
 as seen from Boys Over Flowers, padlocked lovers. i would want one for myself too!
sunset at Namsan Tower
Teddy Bear Museum
Teddyfied much
nice view of the cityyy :)  
tiled love letters... again, i want one! :)
while waiting for the bus...
 exhaustion at its best :)
goodnight :)

will be posting more :)

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