Monday, October 3, 2011

wearing kelly bedroom

with the amount of design choices one could think of, its hard to stick with just one (or two, or three) styles. with me, if it's not a clean/light/neutral palette, i get industrial/ eco glam/ eclectic.

and today, i'm feeling eclectic glam oozing with colors and textures! like one of Kelly Weartsler's bedroom designs here....
i really like the spunky colors and textures she used in this bedroom, not to mention, that white and pink rendition of the Ming chair. it's all pink and purple, but not too girly! i don't know how that chandelier lights up, but it definitely adds up and made the room really luxurious. so inspired, i created this outfit peg thinking, if i couldn't bring this home, maybe i could just wear it! :)
color blocking much :)

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