Thursday, November 17, 2011

busy november.

its pretty awkward how my posts had become photobooth-consistent considering i do bring my cam when im out, (but im way too lazy to do some effort lol). it might be a sign of aging growing up, but for more than a year now since i started stressing myself out (i do that!), i just drop by to... i don't know, post random stuff - as always - since i abandoned my first blog (2004). so aside from being a personal diary, i use this to get myself tired - hoping i could hit the sack at any moment after posting (been a 5am-6am sleeper for weeks now). blah. anyway... if i'm NOT here, (1) i'm posting in my other blog (, (2) sleeping (3) working til daytime (4) bitching (5) skype-ing (6) tweeting (7) and the sorts :)

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