Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Graduation. PSID. InteriorDesign

so Graduation officially marked my end with school-ing (again) lol, because this (Interior Design) is actually my 2nd course after college :) which took me two and half years of *&^#^%$#^%$^%t! stress challenge! but its alright, nothing's easy. and i'm soo happy i'm finally done and over with it for now *cheers*
and sure, i do enjoy taking this course (sometimes), but i didn't expect that i would be receiving Honors too. it was really a good surprise :)
Our booth bagged First Place, Alumni's Choice and Third Place, Faculty & Overall Best Booth Design.

i feel so blessed :)


thereformedwanderer said...

amazing set-up! Wish my grad was this nice! congrats btw

Pamela Tan said...

thank you :)

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