Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pets: Saki

last week, our puppy was confined with Parvo :(
it was heartbreaking, knowing that 50/50 of puppies survive from the virus.

 (first day at home) 

i wasn't able to work for days... and i'm not even a dog person, but seeing this helpless creature from hyper to motionless led me to crying :(
so with tears in my eyes, i asked my dad to bring him (at 1am) to a pet hospital.

good thing there's Vets in Practice in Mandaluyong, which my cousin recommended, since all their pets go to the same place.
I just called the clinic earlier, and visited him after being confined for 5 days, he has recovered! :)
and i can bring him home tomorrow!
(here he is after days of being confined - now needle free! :)

i'm just thankful for God for helping this poor pup live a more meaningful, longer life :)
and again, i'm so thankful for all the doctors and nurses at Vets in Practice :)

now i can't help but look around for nice beds to design for him,
just in case im no longer busy :)
Voyage Pet Bed, outdoor By Kenneth Cobonpue contemporary pet accessories 
contemporary pet accessories design by Unicahome

Kenneth Cobonpue inspired bed... why not :) 

 Brian Patrick Flynn

DIY luggage bed :)


Anonymous said...

hi! my dog was also suffering now from parvo..:-( and now confined in clinic.. im thinking if i need to transfer him to VIP.. since he is already taking meds here like antibiotics.. appreciate your views on this.. what were VIPs actions during saki's confinement? thanks a lot! cielo

Pamela Tan said...

Hi! how many days was he in the clinic already? parvo is heartbreaking... i had him confined in the pet hospital on his 3rd night of vomiting and diarrhea. the clinic i attended before gave him antibiotics, but they can't tell me whether his situation is serious or not. so i transferred him to a pet hospital, where they took care of him 24/7.

but they won't promise me that he will be well, i had to wait 3-4 days again to see his progress. if he stopped vomiting and diarrhea, and starting to gain his appetite back, that's already a good sign. as per vets, it always depends on the dog's immune system. they should know how many antibiotics he should take, and whether the pet is dehydrated or not and take immediate actions. its all continuous support.

i hope your pet survives parvo... if you were me, id take him to VIP, but then again, there's always no assurance, but at least we tried the best :)

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