Friday, December 30, 2011

Project Progress: the RestoBar

so i have been working on this project for quite some time now, and construction will start as soon as the holiday has finished :)

Reality is, you can squeeze your brain out every time you have to design for something but you also have to consider the (1) Budget (2) Market (3) Period of Lease (4) Maximum Capacity (5) Kitchen Space (6) Food/Drinks that will be served etc. etc. so restraining one's self should be observed.

Initially, we had to go Modern + Minimalist since the idea was to mix Asian + Western (Burgers +Milk Tea + Beer at night) so I had this in mind...

Moodboard: White Brick walls, Cement finish, Oak Wood, Tom Dixon inspired drop lights, and suspended bulbs...

And another option with the flooring and walls...
And here was the Layout...
I was already excited with the execution of the design, but after some thoughts the partners decided to skip with the "Milk Tea" and go straight with "Burgers + Bar + Beer". So I have to revise everything again (STRESS- was already done with the elevations, rcp, and shop drawings, but ohwell :)

and this is what we have agreed upon to :)
Some items were retained, but the furniture went from Modern to Masculine. Also the ambiance got a little rustic and old-feel. While the suspended light accents MUST stay :)
Then Option 2 without the divider between the bar and booth seat :)
I'm already excited (and scared) at the same time with the outcome of this project :) We would be expecting that the Opening would be before Valentine's Day :) But after meeting with the contractors and clients again, we have to expect some changes... cost-wise. But anyway, I hope its nothing major, and I hope it would still look great with the revisions of materials and some layouts they were suggesting. But as always, whatever the client says, stays. And our role as designers is to help clients get what they want, not ours (unless given the opportunity, why not :)

but for now, i have to enjoy the Holiday and will keep you posted :)

Happy New Year Everyone :)

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