Saturday, October 27, 2012

have you prayed about it as much as you have talked about it?

i know, my title seems pretty serious for a blog post! but it does sums up to all the feelings i have right now... (and as much as many have already noticed, my blog have turned into a personal random venue of mine :) 

anyway... its one of those long weekends again here in Manila and i've thought of using it as a breather. for once, ive got too many time in my hands (hence the blog post) and stopped working since i find out late that it was a holiday weekend! *beams* i love working overtime when i have oo, and for some reason, i don't regret much if i'm working on a weekend or too late at night at some sorts. sometimes i feel bad for myself when i check the social media and see that most people i know are partying while i'm doing my rendering for work. but i came into a realization that, my life was and is still pretty awesome! i used to had that phase when i party more than twice a week, go out of town every weekend, live the life, didn't care about anything, etc. etc. and if i look back to where i was before and where i am today, i think everything's still great! sure, i don't take & post too much pictures of "good times" like i had before because i have been savoring the moment and company instead of posing in front of the camera once in a while. and yeah, i don't really go to the beach twice a month or so like before, but when i do take a vacation, i take a long one... with the company i love, which is pretty good :)

so why the blog title?

maybe because i've realized from the past couple of months that even if we talk too much about certain things that bothers us, it wouldn't really help if we don't pray about it. sometimes i really don't know what to say, oftentimes it starts with... "please just take the pain away" when hurt, or "thank you for all the blessings" when unexpected surprises and blessings comes my way :) But it does help big time. Sometimes when we feel like there's nothing left of us, all we got to have is Faith.

So last September i had the chance to go back and visit Xiamen, China (where I studied for a year 2005-2006) for a long vacation :) all we did was eat, shop, care less, reminisce, etc. and here's some pictures from the day we went to my school... and it's still beautiful :)
i just have to take a picture of my iphone case together with the background... so cute!
which happens to match my outfit as well :) it was too hot of a Summer that day! 
 some fond memories coming back when i saw the old buildings once again...
specially in this lake :) where i happen to hang out a lot during winter of 2005 :)
the lake inside the campus during summer.

still peaceful :) 
i love how the greens are crawling up to this old building :)
and i just have to go back to this soccer field... <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">

i love how i could go back to this place and see that life is full of surprises :) and no matter how bad some moments were then, i'm not regretful they happened. Sure, it wasn't a piece of cake, but it did taught me a lot of things :) and as i savor each memory, i had to thank God for surrounding me with too much love, care, and safety. And sometimes, we would only realize His awesomeness once we step back and watch how everything works for us through Him.

Keep the Faith.

No regrets, just Love.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sweet Pink

Did you know?

Pink calms and reassures our emotional energies, alleviating feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment and neglect. Studies have confirmed that exposure to large amounts of pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and create physical weakness in people. Violent and aggressive prisoners have been successfully calmed by placing them in a pink room for a specified amount of time. Exposure for too long can have the opposite effect.

Yes, i just googled that to make a point. lol

My mind's a little cluttery right now... i know, i need to


and think PINK.

the result therefore in my new finished perspective is this:

*fingers crossed*


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Friday, September 14, 2012

Styling a Photog's Exhibit Booth

so last weekend my styling team and I designed, styled and fabricated a wedding photographer's booth (Kenneth Uy) for the Themes & Motifs Wedding Expo at SMX.

Our peg was this:
We wanted to create a Rugged Pop Art concept, since we're trying to veer away from Shabby Chic (which personally, would be soo much fun and easy to make!) since the photographer we're styling is a guy. The idea was crazy! Pop art printed Louis chair, ombre painted walls, bulb chandelier, and floor-lighted brick wall. BUT we also had to make revisions at the last minute since we're trying to make the cost as LOW as possible, and I started doubting whether the pop-art printed Louis chair would still match the corrugated, metal shell (which would be cheaper than the brick, ombre painted wall) and vintage chests I sourced from a friend.

So with limited time (and energy, I just came back from a long hiatus somewhere :) the output turned out to be...


which I'm still happy with and thinks the effort paid off :)

 and YES.

I'm overly obsessed with exposed bulbs, reclaimed wood, random frames, rustic finishes, letters, and wire meshes! and I would keep using them in my projects til I have exhausted them in any way that I imagined them to be! haha OA.  

anyway, here's like the only photo I had with one of my team member and makeup artist friend Elaine Ching, with wedding photographer Kenneth Uy.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

my life in instagram photos

so lately - like everyone else in this modern techie world - i had been enjoying/frequenting "the instagram" (@cpamz) more than any other social tool there is. i've completely stopped the twitter addiction for months now, sadly, it made me realize it did more damage to me than good (plus it came to a point where i don't know who my true friends were as i've encountered issues within my circle, etc. TMI) but anyway, yes, instagram is far more addicting and convenient! i just snap whatever gets my fancy during the day, don't have to write anything (like hello, this blog has been inactive for months now) and i love looking at other people's photos as well :)

my photos are either me, my dog, or my work lol. lately i realized i'm never lucky with relationships so i guess i'll blog more often again :) 

Sunday, July 29, 2012


hi! :) i wrote about this space in my other blog that i was working with before... and thankfully, after going through a lot of mishaps - from working permits, to contractors, and un-forseen events - it's finally almost DONE! and expect it to be OPEN anytime soon! *psyched* 

here's the lighting fixture (exposed bulbs)
that i had been obsessing about forever! lol

though most people think that designing spaces is a no-sweat job, REALITY proves otherwise. we were really disappointed with the contractor we hired for this project... but since i'm feeling optimistic right now, i guess i have to say - we have take it from experience! and i'm still thankful for the blessing of being able to finish it - not precisely what i imagined it to be 100% - but as our mentors had always taught & reminded us: we should learn to adapt with the circumstances & adjust our expectations, then i guess its okay.

and since i'm really awful with the updates & gathering photos... i'll just have to share with you photos i had from my instagram : @cpamz for now :)
 the brick wall corner :) and bottom picture of me doing it.
and some teaser of the stairs and niche wall from the ground floor.

i don't know, but i'm still excited about everything! :)

TORIBOX has its first branch at: 2/F One Archer's Place, Taft Ave Ermita, Manila beside DLSU. Its best known for their really good Japanese Karaage pops!

Beside Piandre, 403 F. Calderon Cor. J Abad Santos San Juan City

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

again, my bedroom featured :)

My siblings always ask me: how come your room always get featured in local magazines? and how come somebody would actually appreciate it considering its not very interior-looking polished. Lol. Moral support much? They say my room looks like a nursery, more so, its so clutter-y - considering minimalist has always been the trend here in the Phils.

 Cosmopolitan Nov 2011.

But in all honesty, i also asked the same thing! :) And i thought maybe I'm just blessed/lucky to have the right audience in my facebook - cos it was there where i have been posting these random craziness Ive been doing in my room - out of abnormal stress - as ive always believed i have a Guardian Angel or some sorts whose been following me :) and yes, most people will find my room with too much clutter - but that's how i like to live :) surrounding myself with all the things that inspire me - even if their very purpose in life is 'just' to occupy space in my table - well at least, they make me happy :)

So going back, yes i was really psyched to have been featured and be in two pages of Real Living March 2012 ish :) like, really? Who wouldn't! When the writers contacted me i can't afford to be choosy - even if i wanted to ( cos i feel like i still need to buy/ change this and that) but i just went out for it! And told them, sure, you can go to my place anytime! Hehe #excitedmuch.

Real Living March 2012

Contents. RL 2012

And just because, i also bought myself a digital copy from Zinio :)

To be really honest, i wish i could've done better like put a shaggy rug, changed my airconditioner, bought red flowers instead - like sobrang career na to! cos some rooms/houses that's been featured looked absolutely stunning - but yeah, i think i would just laugh at the thought that i made too much effort for presentation - i initially did this to satisfy myself anyways, and never thought would see it on print :) haha so carry na! This is my space at its current finest (when my clothes/shoes are actually in my closet and my pile of work papers are in place lol :)

my favorite section in my room - where i read books and magazines and gather inspirations :)

this is where i spend most of my time - as an autocadd operator - jk! :)

i've been collecting wooden carvings and fossilize them. (next) detail from my divider slash mood board

and my bath... :)

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