Tuesday, March 27, 2012

again, my bedroom featured :)

My siblings always ask me: how come your room always get featured in local magazines? and how come somebody would actually appreciate it considering its not very interior-looking polished. Lol. Moral support much? They say my room looks like a nursery, more so, its so clutter-y - considering minimalist has always been the trend here in the Phils.

 Cosmopolitan Nov 2011.

But in all honesty, i also asked the same thing! :) And i thought maybe I'm just blessed/lucky to have the right audience in my facebook - cos it was there where i have been posting these random craziness Ive been doing in my room - out of abnormal stress - as ive always believed i have a Guardian Angel or some sorts whose been following me :) and yes, most people will find my room with too much clutter - but that's how i like to live :) surrounding myself with all the things that inspire me - even if their very purpose in life is 'just' to occupy space in my table - well at least, they make me happy :)

So going back, yes i was really psyched to have been featured and be in two pages of Real Living March 2012 ish :) like, really? Who wouldn't! When the writers contacted me i can't afford to be choosy - even if i wanted to ( cos i feel like i still need to buy/ change this and that) but i just went out for it! And told them, sure, you can go to my place anytime! Hehe #excitedmuch.

Real Living March 2012

Contents. RL 2012

And just because, i also bought myself a digital copy from Zinio :)

To be really honest, i wish i could've done better like put a shaggy rug, changed my airconditioner, bought red flowers instead - like sobrang career na to! cos some rooms/houses that's been featured looked absolutely stunning - but yeah, i think i would just laugh at the thought that i made too much effort for presentation - i initially did this to satisfy myself anyways, and never thought would see it on print :) haha so carry na! This is my space at its current finest (when my clothes/shoes are actually in my closet and my pile of work papers are in place lol :)

my favorite section in my room - where i read books and magazines and gather inspirations :)

this is where i spend most of my time - as an autocadd operator - jk! :)

i've been collecting wooden carvings and fossilize them. (next) detail from my divider slash mood board

and my bath... :)

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