Sunday, July 29, 2012


hi! :) i wrote about this space in my other blog that i was working with before... and thankfully, after going through a lot of mishaps - from working permits, to contractors, and un-forseen events - it's finally almost DONE! and expect it to be OPEN anytime soon! *psyched* 

here's the lighting fixture (exposed bulbs)
that i had been obsessing about forever! lol

though most people think that designing spaces is a no-sweat job, REALITY proves otherwise. we were really disappointed with the contractor we hired for this project... but since i'm feeling optimistic right now, i guess i have to say - we have take it from experience! and i'm still thankful for the blessing of being able to finish it - not precisely what i imagined it to be 100% - but as our mentors had always taught & reminded us: we should learn to adapt with the circumstances & adjust our expectations, then i guess its okay.

and since i'm really awful with the updates & gathering photos... i'll just have to share with you photos i had from my instagram : @cpamz for now :)
 the brick wall corner :) and bottom picture of me doing it.
and some teaser of the stairs and niche wall from the ground floor.

i don't know, but i'm still excited about everything! :)

TORIBOX has its first branch at: 2/F One Archer's Place, Taft Ave Ermita, Manila beside DLSU. Its best known for their really good Japanese Karaage pops!

Beside Piandre, 403 F. Calderon Cor. J Abad Santos San Juan City

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