Thursday, August 2, 2012

my life in instagram photos

so lately - like everyone else in this modern techie world - i had been enjoying/frequenting "the instagram" (@cpamz) more than any other social tool there is. i've completely stopped the twitter addiction for months now, sadly, it made me realize it did more damage to me than good (plus it came to a point where i don't know who my true friends were as i've encountered issues within my circle, etc. TMI) but anyway, yes, instagram is far more addicting and convenient! i just snap whatever gets my fancy during the day, don't have to write anything (like hello, this blog has been inactive for months now) and i love looking at other people's photos as well :)

my photos are either me, my dog, or my work lol. lately i realized i'm never lucky with relationships so i guess i'll blog more often again :) 
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