Saturday, October 27, 2012

have you prayed about it as much as you have talked about it?

i know, my title seems pretty serious for a blog post! but it does sums up to all the feelings i have right now... (and as much as many have already noticed, my blog have turned into a personal random venue of mine :) 

anyway... its one of those long weekends again here in Manila and i've thought of using it as a breather. for once, ive got too many time in my hands (hence the blog post) and stopped working since i find out late that it was a holiday weekend! *beams* i love working overtime when i have oo, and for some reason, i don't regret much if i'm working on a weekend or too late at night at some sorts. sometimes i feel bad for myself when i check the social media and see that most people i know are partying while i'm doing my rendering for work. but i came into a realization that, my life was and is still pretty awesome! i used to had that phase when i party more than twice a week, go out of town every weekend, live the life, didn't care about anything, etc. etc. and if i look back to where i was before and where i am today, i think everything's still great! sure, i don't take & post too much pictures of "good times" like i had before because i have been savoring the moment and company instead of posing in front of the camera once in a while. and yeah, i don't really go to the beach twice a month or so like before, but when i do take a vacation, i take a long one... with the company i love, which is pretty good :)

so why the blog title?

maybe because i've realized from the past couple of months that even if we talk too much about certain things that bothers us, it wouldn't really help if we don't pray about it. sometimes i really don't know what to say, oftentimes it starts with... "please just take the pain away" when hurt, or "thank you for all the blessings" when unexpected surprises and blessings comes my way :) But it does help big time. Sometimes when we feel like there's nothing left of us, all we got to have is Faith.

So last September i had the chance to go back and visit Xiamen, China (where I studied for a year 2005-2006) for a long vacation :) all we did was eat, shop, care less, reminisce, etc. and here's some pictures from the day we went to my school... and it's still beautiful :)
i just have to take a picture of my iphone case together with the background... so cute!
which happens to match my outfit as well :) it was too hot of a Summer that day! 
 some fond memories coming back when i saw the old buildings once again...
specially in this lake :) where i happen to hang out a lot during winter of 2005 :)
the lake inside the campus during summer.

still peaceful :) 
i love how the greens are crawling up to this old building :)
and i just have to go back to this soccer field... <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">

i love how i could go back to this place and see that life is full of surprises :) and no matter how bad some moments were then, i'm not regretful they happened. Sure, it wasn't a piece of cake, but it did taught me a lot of things :) and as i savor each memory, i had to thank God for surrounding me with too much love, care, and safety. And sometimes, we would only realize His awesomeness once we step back and watch how everything works for us through Him.

Keep the Faith.

No regrets, just Love.

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