Friday, October 11, 2013

Sup October

Its another rainy weekend here in October, and as much as I want to work/sleep right now, I just thought of blogging here and read my old blog posts #rainyweathermakesmesentimental.

While this year has been great, a lot of things/ changes has also occurred these past couple of months... starting off with three of my best friends all getting married this year! Yeah, two of them has done so, while the next is in November. One has a baby now (which means they're more busy with family life) and the other one's in their honeymoon stage. I'm really happy that these friends of mine finished great :) and I can't wait to see how the next chapter of their lives will be... While me on the other hand, still single, no plans of getting married yet, is just busy with schedule and work. Not that I'm complaining, but I realized that I have began to miss them more now, but I know I can't demand their attention anymore since they are now in a separate arena as mine - their focus is now family oriented - which means i have to take care of my own for now #iguessso

So going back to having this year as great - I have more design work than last year and I'm learning more each time :) I'm also starting to make more time for myself now - like squeezing in a concert on a busy schedule or going on a holiday once in a while when schedule permits so :)

Last couple of weeks I was able to cross out two from my #bucketlist. One is watching Brandon Flowers live - the Killers finally came to Manila! *scream* Second is finally going out surfing and catching some waves!!!

And since I'm bored right now waiting for another surf movie to download, here's a quickie #ootd photolog of yours truly from my Ilocos trip last weekend :)


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

my website

finally had the time to gather all my portfolio and create my official website :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

vacation hangover

for the past couple of years, my idea of a good vacation consists of:

- excessive sleeping
- too much eating
- bumming
- no itenirary
- shopping when required
- taking photos of just about anything

just got back from my grandfather's roots (China) and revisited my history again (Xiamen University). i can't believe its been 7yrs since i lived here... and i'm still the same - shopping-whore, camera addict while some of my friends have families and kids! lol. its either my friends are getting older or i don't feel i'm getting older at all! #bagetsforlife!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer 2013

i haven't updated this blog for a while, probably cos i don't like talking much about a project i'm currently working with and sugarcoat the details (lol). and the same goes with doing 3d perspectives - i like freehand sketch or doodles better because making 3d's takes a lot of my time and limits my creativity -.-

anyway, it was a fun, busy summer and finally, FINALLY all plans has been approved, and these ones are ready to go! :)

 Residential Project
The Grove, Rockwell

Concept: Minimalist Industrial & Modern

 Commercial Project
Shangrila Mall

Concept: Parisian Boudoir

Residential Project
New Manila

Concept: Contemporary

my only goal is to make everything look better in actual, cos honestly, i'm not a fan of perspectives - it totally destroys the "surprise" factor (lol) #totallymeantit and yeah, aside from that, enjoy summer while working :) blessed and thank you Lord!

Monday, April 8, 2013

life in instagram and instaxmini

my life is simpler in instagram (cpamz) and instaxmini's :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

better late than never!


 i know its pretty late to write a new year's resolution and last year's recap, but i guess its always better to be late than never :)  

 it has been pretty difficult for me to focus last year because i had so many plans the year before that: 
1. i wanted to travel the US 
2. i was torn between taking the boards or not
3. i can't decide whether i want to work in a design firm here or abroad

 to sum it all - none of those plans happened. and most of the things i've been working hard on and wanting for some time - faded right before my eyes. but God gave me a different plan instead. so i was both broken but blessed all at the same time :)

there were some things that occurred that i didn't expect though:

1. First was being featured in Real Living Magazine. 
i thought my first and last would be that from Cosmopolitan magazine (here), so i was psyched when i got another text from Summit that they wanted to feature my room for their March 2012 ish. and some next months that followed after that :)


my favorite that got me real excited though was when i saw on the cover a styled set that we did for a section on their August ish. nobody told me they'll put it on the cover so i was beaming when i saw it on the stands! lol. #babawlang

and of course, #bagetslang for Candy Magazine.

i love working with the people from Summit, they're so accommodating and friendly :) i'm really thankful and this probably tops as one of the the best surprises God has given me last year. i'm really thankful for the blessings :)

2. Getting some work done for real.

as much as i wanted to take a looong vacation and just bum around for a couple of months and travel after graduation, work just seems to find me. (some photos of my finished work i stole in the internet from bloggers - sorry! i just don't have time and not talented enough to take pictures of my projects)

 (Toribox Cafe and Chesca)

(Highstreet Cafe: work in progress)

(Residential: work in progress)
(Condo: the only photo i have lol)

and for a breather from all the construction sites/workers etc. i shift from interior to fashion, when i'm free, in photo/video shoots with my team :)

3. Random, Spontaneous Travels.

 none of my so-called travel plans before 2012 occurred hence most of these were random, spontaneous travels i had only thought for either a few days/ weeks or so before booking a ticket :)



4. I've become a dog person! :)

my baby Saki is probably the best gift i had from Christmas 2011 and he has been my trigger-happy companion this last year :) i'm so thankful he survived from Parvo when he was only 3mos old (i had to confine him to a hospital for days) and recently again for eating "chocolate".
i bring him around everywhere and i love messing around with him when he's sleeping and vise versa.
i'm so glad i had you this last year :)

... so those probably tops as the highlights of my year 2012. i can't explain but for some reason i think God has placed me to where I should be instead of where i want to be. and sometimes maybe we have to weigh our priorities and sacrifice for a while to understand His plan - cos for sure, His is greater than ours. everything is a work in progress, and i know that whatever circumstances i had faced this past year, i'll understand in the future. keeping my faith :)

so what now 2013???

I think 2013 is going to be great, as i'm always wishing for the better. I hope to learn more about my craft and focus on the things that matters most - God, family, my friends, health and integrity. and for my list of 1,2,3's i guess i'll just leave that in God's hands cos i'm definite whatever i want won't prevail if it's not meant for me. but if there are things that i can do/improve on my own, it would probably be:
1. be more patient
2. quit slacking
3. life is more important than work
4. sleep and wake up earlier
5. organize
6. keep learning
... and that's probably it (for now :)

anyway, wishing you all a great New Year and i hope we can do more KICKASS work and memories this year :)


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