Friday, January 11, 2013

better late than never!


 i know its pretty late to write a new year's resolution and last year's recap, but i guess its always better to be late than never :)  

 it has been pretty difficult for me to focus last year because i had so many plans the year before that: 
1. i wanted to travel the US 
2. i was torn between taking the boards or not
3. i can't decide whether i want to work in a design firm here or abroad

 to sum it all - none of those plans happened. and most of the things i've been working hard on and wanting for some time - faded right before my eyes. but God gave me a different plan instead. so i was both broken but blessed all at the same time :)

there were some things that occurred that i didn't expect though:

1. First was being featured in Real Living Magazine. 
i thought my first and last would be that from Cosmopolitan magazine (here), so i was psyched when i got another text from Summit that they wanted to feature my room for their March 2012 ish. and some next months that followed after that :)


my favorite that got me real excited though was when i saw on the cover a styled set that we did for a section on their August ish. nobody told me they'll put it on the cover so i was beaming when i saw it on the stands! lol. #babawlang

and of course, #bagetslang for Candy Magazine.

i love working with the people from Summit, they're so accommodating and friendly :) i'm really thankful and this probably tops as one of the the best surprises God has given me last year. i'm really thankful for the blessings :)

2. Getting some work done for real.

as much as i wanted to take a looong vacation and just bum around for a couple of months and travel after graduation, work just seems to find me. (some photos of my finished work i stole in the internet from bloggers - sorry! i just don't have time and not talented enough to take pictures of my projects)

 (Toribox Cafe and Chesca)

(Highstreet Cafe: work in progress)

(Residential: work in progress)
(Condo: the only photo i have lol)

and for a breather from all the construction sites/workers etc. i shift from interior to fashion, when i'm free, in photo/video shoots with my team :)

3. Random, Spontaneous Travels.

 none of my so-called travel plans before 2012 occurred hence most of these were random, spontaneous travels i had only thought for either a few days/ weeks or so before booking a ticket :)



4. I've become a dog person! :)

my baby Saki is probably the best gift i had from Christmas 2011 and he has been my trigger-happy companion this last year :) i'm so thankful he survived from Parvo when he was only 3mos old (i had to confine him to a hospital for days) and recently again for eating "chocolate".
i bring him around everywhere and i love messing around with him when he's sleeping and vise versa.
i'm so glad i had you this last year :)

... so those probably tops as the highlights of my year 2012. i can't explain but for some reason i think God has placed me to where I should be instead of where i want to be. and sometimes maybe we have to weigh our priorities and sacrifice for a while to understand His plan - cos for sure, His is greater than ours. everything is a work in progress, and i know that whatever circumstances i had faced this past year, i'll understand in the future. keeping my faith :)

so what now 2013???

I think 2013 is going to be great, as i'm always wishing for the better. I hope to learn more about my craft and focus on the things that matters most - God, family, my friends, health and integrity. and for my list of 1,2,3's i guess i'll just leave that in God's hands cos i'm definite whatever i want won't prevail if it's not meant for me. but if there are things that i can do/improve on my own, it would probably be:
1. be more patient
2. quit slacking
3. life is more important than work
4. sleep and wake up earlier
5. organize
6. keep learning
... and that's probably it (for now :)

anyway, wishing you all a great New Year and i hope we can do more KICKASS work and memories this year :)


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