Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer 2013

i haven't updated this blog for a while, probably cos i don't like talking much about a project i'm currently working with and sugarcoat the details (lol). and the same goes with doing 3d perspectives - i like freehand sketch or doodles better because making 3d's takes a lot of my time and limits my creativity -.-

anyway, it was a fun, busy summer and finally, FINALLY all plans has been approved, and these ones are ready to go! :)

 Residential Project
The Grove, Rockwell

Concept: Minimalist Industrial & Modern

 Commercial Project
Shangrila Mall

Concept: Parisian Boudoir

Residential Project
New Manila

Concept: Contemporary

my only goal is to make everything look better in actual, cos honestly, i'm not a fan of perspectives - it totally destroys the "surprise" factor (lol) #totallymeantit and yeah, aside from that, enjoy summer while working :) blessed and thank you Lord!

Monday, April 8, 2013

life in instagram and instaxmini

my life is simpler in instagram (cpamz) and instaxmini's :)

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