Friday, October 11, 2013

Sup October

Its another rainy weekend here in October, and as much as I want to work/sleep right now, I just thought of blogging here and read my old blog posts #rainyweathermakesmesentimental.

While this year has been great, a lot of things/ changes has also occurred these past couple of months... starting off with three of my best friends all getting married this year! Yeah, two of them has done so, while the next is in November. One has a baby now (which means they're more busy with family life) and the other one's in their honeymoon stage. I'm really happy that these friends of mine finished great :) and I can't wait to see how the next chapter of their lives will be... While me on the other hand, still single, no plans of getting married yet, is just busy with schedule and work. Not that I'm complaining, but I realized that I have began to miss them more now, but I know I can't demand their attention anymore since they are now in a separate arena as mine - their focus is now family oriented - which means i have to take care of my own for now #iguessso

So going back to having this year as great - I have more design work than last year and I'm learning more each time :) I'm also starting to make more time for myself now - like squeezing in a concert on a busy schedule or going on a holiday once in a while when schedule permits so :)

Last couple of weeks I was able to cross out two from my #bucketlist. One is watching Brandon Flowers live - the Killers finally came to Manila! *scream* Second is finally going out surfing and catching some waves!!!

And since I'm bored right now waiting for another surf movie to download, here's a quickie #ootd photolog of yours truly from my Ilocos trip last weekend :)


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