Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014: Fearless

This year, I realized I want to go back to where my heart truly belongs - Sea and Adventure. And as much as most of my friends loathe the sun and the ocean (which I really couldn't understand why) I realized I won't limit myself and just go on my own, or any new set of people I meet along the way.  You see, I KNOW my life changed when I spent two whole weeks in Phuket, Phi Phi Islands and Krabi (last 2004) with only my sister and a friend - spending days in the sun and not having an itinerary or whatever. And the craving just keeps creeping in every now and then. If you' have known me before, you would know that me and my friends used to hit the beach every 2 weeks (best days ever), and didn't cared most about the ratings of the hotel/ restaurants/ resorts we go to (which changed eventually as we started earning our own money and started hanging out in luxury resorts - mostly staying inside the air-conditioned bedroom, watching TV and leaving the room at 4-5pm to party at the beach). As comfortable as it sounds, I know I'm a water baby, and I'd rather play in the sun, get burned and have lots of fun!

So this year, I'm having this mantra: FEARLESS. I want to try things I haven't done before and go to places I've never been to - even if it means doing them alone. Most of all, enjoy every moment and accept what life throws at you - there's always beauty in the spontaneity and the unknown :)

*** but I just discovered, I'm so thankful to God I have cousins who love the things that I want do to! So here's to more adventures!!! *kiss*

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